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Chain D.I.D, HItachi, MITA
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Chains: Roller Chain, Double-pitch chain, Conveyor chain, Leaf chain, Detachable chain, Pintle chain, Silent chain, PIV chain, Heavy duty chain, Tabletop chain, Chain Links, Trolley Chain, End track conveyor trolley chain, etc ... Brand: DID, Hitachi, MIT
Thus, is proud to present ourselves as an authorized distributor of the following chain brands:

- D.I.D. ex. Japan ( No. 1 in the world)
- HITACHI ex. Japan
- MITA ex. Taiwan

If you are looking for chains of the best quality, there is none other than D.I.D. for its best quality standard. However, if you' re looking for a more economical alternative, MITA chain is the way to go.

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